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  • Fortune

    Justin Newton, CEO of Netki, a bitcoin wallet startup, and a participant in my blockchain panel at last year's Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, told me that he was reluctant to invest in the ICO space because he felt that the products were not yet sophisticated enough. If and when investors rush to cash out their tokens, the companies on which they're based will collapse, he said. Newton mentioned that while sharing rides in Lyft cars in recent months, he has met, on three separate occasions, twenty-something students who were interning at crypto hedge funds, firms that hold positions in tokens minted by blockchain startups. "When I was in college I took a job at Wendy’s," he said.

  • JAXenter

    How to get (and stay) into the tech industry: Tips & tricks for women . . .

  • Medium

    This series highlights the unique stories of women in the growing bitcoin and blockchain tech industry. The goal is to showcase the fantastic work these women are all doing at different levels of their respective organizations, and to encourage more women at all stages of their careers join the revolution we’re creating, together!

  • IBM

    Enterprises everywhere are looking to blockchain, the distributed ledger technology behind Bitcoin, as the new way to transact across business networks. One IBM Blockchain partner, Netki, is building digital identity solutions to help break down barriers related to risk and compliance in modern blockchain environments. In a recent interview with Justin Newton, the CEO of Netki, I was able to get an inside look at the company’s experience with blockchain and Hyperledger, the open-source collaborative initiative for advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies.

  • IBM

    Blockchain has the potential to transform the way industries conduct business transactions. This will require a complete ecosystem of industry players working together, allowing businesses to benefit from the network effect of blockchain. To help support these organizations, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today a blockchain ecosystem to help accelerate the creation of blockchain networks.

  • IBM

    Many blockchain development companies have already joined the IBM blockchain ecosystem, including: Cloudsoft, EY, Everledger, Gliding Eagle, HACERA, The Hive, IntellectEU, Loyyal, Mooti Digital Identity, Netki, Sensify Security, and Skuchain.

  • Fortune

    The first, on the so-called blockchain, drew a crowd interested in the newfangled technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Some highlights: Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, talked up an alternate system of cryptocurrency, Ethereum, that can execute "smart" contracts. Jim Breyer, founder of Breyer Capital, said he had met as many as seven people claiming to know the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the famously elusive, pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin (none checked out). And Justin Newton, CEO of Netki, proposed putting Pokémon on the blockchain.

  • Bitcoin News

    Blockchain is an emerging transformative technology, and we know that creating and scaling standards will be a key component to its success. The combination of Netki’s seasoned leadership team, proven track record, and focus on cross blockchain infrastructure puts them in the perfect position to help enterprises tackle existing challenges surrounding identity and ease.

  • Microsoft

    Netki: Designs enterprise-grade solutions promoting scalability, security and ease of use for Blockchain-based products. The Netki Wallet Name Service is an open standard that makes it easy to send digital currency between users or services, interconnecting the entire ecosystem. WNS is designed to allow service providers to easily register Wallet Names on their client’s behalf, such as “,” or for end users to register their own vanity names such as “” linking them directly to a wallet address. View a template here.

  • Bitcoin Magazine

    Netki Wants to Replace Bitcoin Addresses with Wallet Names. One of the main issues that has slowed the adoption of Bitcoin as a currency and payment system ...