Bringing on new customers that are corporate entities presents significant challenges to many businesses.  Often it requires vetting both the entity as well as individuals on the board and/or management team.  In some cases, businesses it take weeks or even months to verify a corporate entity and activate its account.  Not only does that process frustrate a potential customer who’s ready to transact, it can also be very costly, requiring significant manual intervention.  Netki’s Corporate onboarding speeds the process, making it faster for new customers, while reducing cost dramatically.  

Paperless Solution

We digitize the forms and documents required in your onboarding process, simplifying their completion for new corporate customers. 

White--Labeled Mobile App

We provide an app with your branding that guides individuals through the ID validation process.  It can be easily integrated with your existing systems using our mobile SDK.  

Full AML Checks

We conduct Sanctions, Watchlist and Adverse media checks for:

  • – The Corporate Entity
  • – Signatories
  • – UBO’s
  • – Directors
  • – Officers

and any other individuals as needed

Compliance Dashboard

Complete documentation of all ID data, as well as results for all AML checks gives visibility into the process and provides a clear audit trail for compliance officers.

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