Global Identity Validation
for the Digital Economy.

We’re building the future of trust with advanced biometrics, a fully automated, scalable solution, and deep industry knowledge, to ensure compliance in all your digital transactions.

  • Global Reach
    Netki delivers the highest autovalidation rates by accepting more ID types, supporting multiple languages, reading ID documents in native character sets and having the greatest racial diversity recognition.
  • Friction Free Experience
    Whether they’re activating an account or completing a transaction, your customers will have a seamless, intuitive experience that takes seconds to complete.
  • Advanced ID Validation
    Our pixel by pixel ID analysis and advanced biometrics identify fraud faster, keeping you and your customers secure.
  • Fast to Implement
    With API's and mobile SDK’s for IOS and Android, we integrate with your existing systems to help you get up and running fast.

Production-Proven Travel Rule Compliance

Bring every transaction into compliance with TransactID, our comprehensive solution for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). It’s the only Travel Rule compliance solution that’s been in use since 2016.

  • Works with custodial and non-custodial wallets
  • Flexible to work with varying requirements of your applicable jurisdictions
  • Open standards solution avoids vendor lock in
  • Leverages legally accepted digital identity standard

OnboardID: Dramatically Reduce Onboarding Costs While Stopping Fraud

Deliver the fast and easy experience customers demand, while decreasing fraud risk. OnboardID is the leading solution for both individual and corporate onboarding.

  • Fully automated solution decreases onboarding costs up to 60%.
  • Autovalidate up to 95% of new customer ID's.
  • “White-labeled” mobile app validates ID's in less than a minute.
  • Advanced biometrics and analysis detect fraud better than any other KYC solution.
  • Intuitive dashboard interface gives compliance officers unmatched audit trail.

OnboardID and TransactID: Powerful alone. Even better together.

Our two solutions deliver industry-leading innovation as standalone products. Together they offer a comprehensive compliance suite that’s unmatched. However you choose to implement them, our solutions are:


Our solutions work with your existing compliance policies, and can be modified to address regulations in your applicable jurisdictions, and your business needs.


Developed with the privacy of your users’ data in mind. Your data is your data, and we strictly adhere to your retention policies.


Meets KYC and AML requirements of FATF, FinCen, FINMA, MAS and all global financial regulatory bodies.

Easy to Implement

With API’s, mobile SDK’s for IOS and Android, and BIP75-compliant SDK’s, we integrate with your existing systems to help you get up and running fast.


Hardened against hackers, our solutions limit the scale of attacks and make them extremely costly and unattractive to would-be fraudsters.


Proven to handle fluctuations in demand you may experience. When your business spikes, we’re ready to handle the load.

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