Global ID Validation
for the Digital Economy.

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We're building the future of trust with advanced biometrics, a fully automated, scalable solution, and deep industry knowledge, to ensure compliance in all your digital transactions.

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Global Reach

Validate the identification for billions of individuals and entities, so your customers can exchange information and assets in an increasingly digital world.

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Friction Free Experience

Most customers are onboarded in under a minute with a simple mobile app that ensures compliance with KYC, AML, HIPAA, and other standards.

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Advanced ID Validation

We deliver the only NIST-compliant solution available, harnessing the power of advanced biometrics and Pixel Perfect analysis to identify and eliminate risk.

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Fast to Implement

Get up and running with Netki in a matter of days, not weeks or months. We offer an API for easy integration, and a complete SDK for mobile.

Credibility and Legitimacy for Token Sales

Netki’s Investor Onboarding Solution gives your investors confidence, facilitates listing on exchanges, and keeps regulators happy by providing KYC and AML compliance.

  • Is fully automated and scalable, to handle large volumes of investors
  • Validates most IDs in less than a minute, with an intuitive mobile interface
  • Performs Accredited Investor verification in just 2-3 days

A Safer and Easier ID Solution For Money Service Businesses and Their Customers

Netki issues the only reusable, sharable ID certificate for MSB customers that’s based on established government standards. Your customers get increased security with a frictionless experience. You get KYC and AML compliance. Our ID validation solution for MSB’s

  • Issues security certificates for customers using BIP75 and X.509 standards, valid for up to 2 years.
  • Delivers always-on, scalable onboarding to handle spikes in new customers
  • Incorporates advanced biometrics for ID validation, delivered in a “White-labeled” mobile app
  • “White-labeled” mobile app

Exchange digital assets in full compliance with KYC, AML, HIPAA, or any other standard

  • Financial Services – onboard customers with a fully automated KYC solution that saves time, money, and gives customers a dramatically improved experience.
  • Health Care – Exchange patient data easily, in full compliance with HIPAA, for improved outcomes, reduced costs, and happier patients
  • Government – Exchange digital information in full compliance with the Department of Commerce’s NIST ID standards

The Netki Solution

We leverage established identity standards, and combine advanced technologies with an intuitive user experience to bring you the most comprehensive ID validation available.

  • Mobile-Based ID Validation

    Our easy-to-use mobile app, MyVerifyTM, lets most users validate their ID in under a minute.

  • Unparalleled Security

    Our bank-grade security doesn’t store any user data. Your customers are yours.

  • NIST Compliant

    We’re the only solution that’s based on this established scientific ID standard from the US Dept. of Commerce.

  • Advanced Biometric ID Solution

    Facial recognition technology and “live person” photos deliver the most thorough ID validation available.

  • Sharable ID Certificates

    We issue your customers ID certificates to use and reuse when they transact with you.

  • Fully Automated ID Verification

    Eliminate manual ID validation processes that are slow, costly, and frustrating for customers.