The Most Diversity

Many solutions fail to identify users who aren’t white males. OnboardID recognizes the widest diversity of skin tones to maximize your global reach.

Reads the most global ID documents

OnboardID reads over 5000 global ID documents and can be rapidly trained to read others as needed.

Multi-language solution

If users can’t understand app instructions, they can’t complete the id validation process, forcing manaual intervention. OnboardID is available in 10 different languages – more than other solutions.

Recognizes native character sets

Servicing a truly global clientele requires a solution that can read ID documents in native character sets. Unlike other solutions, OnboardID recognizes Cyrillic, Arabic and other alphabets to maximize your reach.

Hacker-hardened solution

Our industry-leading technology is created to frustrate fraudulent account creation.  Using advanced biometrics and pixel-by-pixel ID analysis, we catch the fraud that other solutions can’t.

Proven Solution

Find out how we can help you decrease costs and eliminate fraudulent accounts.


OnboardID - The Most Advanced ID Validation Available

Reduce Onboarding Costs and Frustrate Fraudsters

OnboardID helps you speed the process of getting customers live, while providing the best protection against fraudulent account creation.  We provide you with a white-labeled version of our app that guides customers through the onboarding process, or an SDK to integrate with your own app.  To see just how simple it is, watch the video below.


For more background on OnboardID, go to our resources page.