Works with custodial and non-custodial wallets

Enable the exchange of digital currency between any wallet type

Peer to Peer

No central resource to censor or slow the  network


Ensure that personally identifying information is shared only as required between transacting parties.

Public and Private Blockchains

Universal solutions for all blockchains and distributed ledgers regardless of type


Transmits all metadata required by Travel Rule, no matter how confidential the transaction is.

Open Source/Open Standards

Verisign model, transmit protocol is free to use, certificates are fee-based.

Proven Solution

The only Travel Rule solution for blockchain that’s been in production since 2016.


TransactID - The Proven Travel Rule Solution

The Only Travel Rule Solution Available Since 2016

Travel Rule compliance regulations from FATF and global jurisdictions are creating new challenges for businesses that exchange digital currency.  TransactID was created specifically to address the needs of VASPs, providing a powerful, flexible, easy-to-implement solution.  To see how TransactID makes sure you’re covered for Travel Rule compliance, watch the video below.

Netki wants to make Travel Rule compliance easy for VASPs of all kinds – crytpcurrency exchanges, blockchains, and any distributed ledger that uses tokens.  To learn more about Travel Rule, see our resources page.