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VIDEO: TransactID Travel Rule Solution Overview

TransactID offers the only Travel Rule solution for cryptocurrency that’s been in production since 2016.  It’s an easy to implement solution that’s flexible to meet today’s regulations, as well as tomorrow’s. 

In this video, get a step-by-step overview of how a typical cryptocurrency transaction takes place using TransactID to provide Travel Rule compliance.

WEBINAR: Travel Rule - What Crypto Companies Need to Know

Our powerhouse panel of experts tell you everything you need to know about the Travel Rule and how to assure it doesn’t make misery for your crypto business.
– Joe Cutler, Attorney, Partner of Perkins Coie
– Colleen Sullivan, Partner and CEO of CMT Digital Holdings
– Tiana Laurence, Manging Partner of Laurence Ventures
– Justin Newton, CEO of Netki

Did you know that any blockchain, hashgraph or other distributed ledger application whose customers exchange digital assets are required to do KYC (Know Your Customer) screening? 

Join Justin Newton, CEO of Netki and Andy Grant, VP of marketing at Hedera,for insight into how to plan for compliance, and what’s new in terms of regulations.

Product Sheets

Learn more about our industry-leading Travel Rule solution for cryptocurrency.

See how Netki’s ID validation solution speeds and secures customer onboarding.

Customer Stories

See how Netki helped CMT Digital bring compliance to its OTC trading platform.

Learn how Hedera overcame KYC challenges with Netki’s OnboardID solution.

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